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“Hilarious video and images throughout the course. Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable, polite and extremely helpful. Thanks so much!”

- Jamie P. Houston TX

“Excellent course. Learned a great deal. I believe it has made me a better driver. Wish more people were required to take it. You have my permission to use my quotes. ”

- Joanne H. Katy TX

“The Course was well done and to the Point. I loved the Dramatic Guy who explained what happened in a traffic accident and putting it to music was Brilliantly done.”

- Daryl P. Dallas TX

“Funny-Excellent-Educational and Entertaining. This course is great even if you are not taking it for a traffic ticket dismissal. Very enjoyable punishment for speeding!!”

- Donna B. San Antonio TX

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To the Brothers of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

First, let me congratulate the Installation Team, led by M.W. Carson Jackson.

Thank you to the Grand Lodge team of officers for taking office, and devoting your time to this great fraternity.

The Committee’s of this Grand Jurisdiction work hard on your behalf and need your support. The District Deputies and elected District Representatives are in place to take your concerns and ideas to the Board of General Purposes.

I will endeavor to make myself and other Grand Lodge elected officers available to you and your Lodge`s special events.

The Grand Lodge has a new Grand Secretary, M.W. Bro. Daniel Campbell and we will make every effort to make his job as comfortable as possible. The staff are very capable and efficient, so if you need or want Grand Lodge Officers, you will need to book us through them. If you are planning a function and would like us to be present, please book early, our calendars fill up quickly, and we are working on first come, first served.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the past efforts of our Past Grand Secretary M.W. Bro. Robert Northup. He has a treasure trove of knowledge of our fraternity and I am sure he will be available to help us when needed.

The Past Grand Master Ponsford has left this Grand Lodge in good condition and he needs to be commended for his approach to upgrading the level of service. If any of you look at his schedule, you would see he attended approximately 20 functions every month, a hard act to follow.

The Chair of the Board of General Purposes has worked hard this past year, replacing committees, and renewing Grand Lodge.

My intentions are to serve you and your Lodges. Please book early if you want Line Officers. Likewise, if you would like one specific officer.

Over the last 3 years, I have come to know and realize, that as Grand Master, I will need to make decisions that may not be popular, but please understand, that what I do will be in the best interest of this Grand Lodge, and will conform to the Constitution and Regulations. Brothers, over the last few years our Grand Jurisdiction has suffered, in my opinion, from too many committees and studies. It is now time for action, and the committees to go to action. My Brothers, this is your Grand Lodge and I am grateful for your allowing me to be your Grand Master.

George R. O’Leary
Grand Master

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