Moving Between Worlds!

The city was just full of surprises. It was amazing! So many different exhibitions on urban civilizations came together in what can be called panache of sight, sound and breath taking creativity! Our designers were inspired by some of the unconventional designs in the Expo.

As we navigated the labyrinth of exhibits at the Shanghai Expo, things just got better and better as there was always something new around every corner! We were definitely inspired by the design concepts from each and every country, and would definitely make use of them in our designs here in Singapore!

Our designers had only the best things to say about the expo. They kept gushing about what a great impression some of the designs had on them. It was an amazing experience to just be able to experience each countries own interpretation of urban civilization, set up by the expo in a furore of displays that allowed us to move from one to another. It felt like transporting ourselves from one world to another, a tactile experience that allowed us to touch, feel and sense some amazing design elements of human habitat.

The Chile design was a unique blend of natural and modern design, almost a ride from past to present to future, complete with television screens, futuristic urban dwellings and light displays. The display not only showed how people lived, the creativity but also, an insight to almost all aspects of life, including a look into their wine collection and some amazing architecture!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pavilion can be wrapped up in a single word, unexpected! It was a dazzling display of modern and futuristic design, glazed with lights and an amazing, many layered approach to their culture, history and modern urban design in the Middle East!

The same can be said for the UAE display as well, externally reflecting sand dunes (an icon of their country) and internally reflecting their very forward looking attitude.

The UK pavilion had us in awe. Their plant like design, which some of us thought was a giant sponge, was simply amazing in every way! Fantastic by day, the huge puff ball lit up and pulsed with life at night with golden and red hues of light surrounding it like some strange aura.

This is certainly one trip, you the readers yourself cannot miss. If you have the opportunity to visit Shanghai and the world expo, we say, do it! One of the most important tips we can think of is to not plan a short trip! – There is just so much to cover! So take your time and make sure you have a map of Shanghai on you at all times.

As for us, we are leaving the expo more excited then we came in. Why? Well, now we are just chock full of ideas to that we can now bring home to our clients. If you are reading this, then stay tuned for some wonderful new ideas that our design team already has brewing in our creative think-tanks, thanks to the expo!

Click here to view more of our Shanghai trip photos on our facebook page!

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