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Wireless Internet spying by partner? I’ve a distrustful and very managing partner who is computer savy and I know-nothing. Is it possible for him to spy when there is no spyware on my unit on what I am performing on the internet? I have spyware detector. The reason is, on a single equally because #39 we&;re. Display more I know nothing and I’ve a distrustful and very controlling partner who’s computer savy. Is it feasible for him to criminal on what I am undertaking on the web if you have no spyware spycontrol.net/parental-control on my device? I have spyware detector and my computer is password protected. The reason is, since #039 we&;re both on a single instant network, could he see when he&# 039;s here or file it a way when he s not what’s on my computer screen? I' m not doing something incorrect, I only add' t just like the fact that he does this in my experience.

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Update: he’d fitted a key swing logger by finding her code and moving in through her account, and Our child also offers a password protected account on my pc. It was located spy control by my spyware detector. This is the way I am aware he is attempting to spy on me. Since that time, my girl has #39;ve removed and that I& her own unit. Present more Our girl also has a password-protected account on my computer, and he’d fitted a swing logger that is key by going in through her bill and finding her password. Our spyware detector observed it. This is how I am aware he’s looking to spy on me. After that, my daughter has that I and her own machine 've removed her consideration from my computer.

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Update 2: OK, might something like Online Nanny be picked up by my spyware detector? How would I am aware if #039 & it;s there? Instant Internet spying by spouse? I’ve a distrustful and very managing spouse who’s very savy and nothing is known by me. How is it possible for him on what I’m performing online if you have no spyware on my device to spy? I have spyware detector. The reason is, because #039 we&;re equally on a single wireless system, may he see what is on my computer screen when he&# 039 s not? #039 I&;m not doing anything improper, I just don' t that he does this in my experience. Add your answer Report Abuse Additional Details Please see our IP Policy if you believe your property continues to be infringed and would like to file a complaint Report Abuse Additional Facts If you think your intellectual property has been infringed and wish to document a criticism, please view our Trademark Policy

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