The procrastinator is limited to consider what the lifestyle allows him and he/she no seeks to enhance his condition if this requires some energy: he/she will eat organic before cooking, will peel the orange along with his teeth before increasing to have a blade, will don apparel dearest before seeking another better, just uses inherited engineering before investigating. — they don’t get excited about external incidents — They do not become enthusiastic about the results — Their ideas stay in ideas, do not become specifics. 1) The passive, mental without resonance (1). Sleepless people. He worry about the views of others. Has contradictions. Energetic. Moody.

Allow editor understand if you can not provide low digital photos or pictures.

They are inconstant people. The emotional, the clever people. They are easy for criticism. Seeking privacy. Overflowing creativity. With reduced outside activity and lots of interior life. 3) The inactive, no mental without resonance.

I’ve been in the wholesale company.

Indifferent with their environments. Not serious neither in past neither later on. 4) The passive, no emotional with resonance. Connection for their ideas, once followed. He loves the peaceful, tedious and unbiased lifestyle. Rancorous, problematic for the reconciliation. Enclosed and shady people, using a trend to melancholy. Lives as attached. COROLLARY Somebody might feel that passivity or procrastination should not be described as a dilemma in any case, that the apathy or negligence are simply just a problem that is overcome by the workout of advantage, anything sporadic and reprehensible…, that, while in the toughest circumstances and when the commitments are satisfied, we’re able to leave the procrastinator participate his “dolce far niente”…, but sometimes the stark reality is tough: to the true procrastinator lacks assets that all has except them. This can be a number of “exclusive” people, who will need help, somehow, carry forward a living plan that’s at the least appropriate.

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